02/03/2015 8:02 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Don't Flog The Microblogger

Tom Raftery/Flickr

Yeah! The easiest thing to do on social media and even the offline world is to flog the microblogger. It is so easy to say, "These 140 character creators are good for nothing dolts." People who tweet know that there can be more truth in their precision than a 1000-word op-ed in a prestigious daily. The world of Twitter, with its handles and hashtag, is where the first trends get confirmed. Entire stories are or can be shaped out of a tweet that is laden with significance.

What I write here are independently standing defences of microblogging... proving that sense and 140 characters go together. If you cannot express yourself clearly in 140 characters, can you survive a comprehension test extending to a 1000 sentences? I've read blogs with a 1000 sentences and yet struggled to get even 140 characters of meaning out of them. A complete story can be encapsulated in 140 characters garnished with every emotion you can possibly imagine. In brevity is the soul of wit.

Twitterature is as real as you are, dear friend

Tweets are microblogs and a contemporary trend!

Let me give you a few examples of what you can do with a tweet... and thus, microblogging. I can write even a political microblog post: 'An anarchist has the right to rule in Delhi, a concrete jungle.'

Or even a limerick:

Friend, come out of convention

Understand Twitter's intention

To say more

Without being a bore

And increasing a reader's retention!

I can even tweet in rhymes and help create a world that runs fast, acts faster, and thinks like a poet:

I've tweeted hundreds of couplets that make sense

Microblogging is Twitter and is quite intense.

A blog is an expression, a thought, an idea, a story, a poem, an explanation, an excuse, a submission, a statement and a retort. This is exactly what a tweet is... or as some say, a microblog.

You agree that anything sensibly expressed can be in fewer words or more. You simply use more words and verbosity in a conventional blog post. The truth is that the less you know, the more you add... and it is almost the way that the junk you collect is proportional to the number of shelves or storage space you have. More space means more junk. So isn't it a great idea to start thinking with less space in mind? Tweet and you'll know what precision of an expression means.

By the way, do you think a midget is a lesser human? Or do you think a fleeting touch is less evocative? Well, let me say that a tweet or a microblog is like a glance that says everything... and a blog post is more like staring away shamelessly. But then we are Indians who go on staring, don't we? It is time now to realise that Twitter is a great teacher of precision and is your own coveted microblog.

Wake up.

Less is more.

And if you say more

You can be a bore!

So be sweet

Just tweet!

Stop flogging and start logging on to Twitter and follow microblogging. Better, start microblogging because we are living in times where littering is anyway a crime. Microblogging helps spread cleanliness... because words flung around indiscriminately are the worse form of littering. Right?

But then we live in times where most of us like to just speak or write in a tortuously long-winded verbose style. We love to buy a larger car, flaunt a larger belly and generally want more than we get. We like to have a bigger list of online friends. Look at our blogs... isn't there a race to display a larger number of winner's badges there? We just don't think small... a pint of beer is never enough. A mini-skirt deserves a massive protest. A focus on details is for the paranoid. This subliminal truth is what we adopt in our written expression too. This penchant for more makes us think that expression means more words. So because expression means more words, we think it is fine to love blogs and despise the 140-character microblogging platform. We, therefore, end up flogging the microblogger. In fact, some have gone one step ahead and decided to say that tweets are not allowed to call themselves microblogs. Isn't this outright silly?

Listen, if I know the right spots on the body I can kill with a jab of my little finger... which means even my little finger is as powerful as the burst of ammo from an LMG. Isn't a 20-20 match as much real cricket as a five-day test is? Believe me even as little as 140 characters can help us create the India that we want. Let's continue blogging... but let us also be great microbloggers.