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Mom, Are You Feelin' Groovy?

Young happy caucasian woman listening music in the nature with her modern ear phone, during the sunset.
Francesco Corticchia via Getty Images
Young happy caucasian woman listening music in the nature with her modern ear phone, during the sunset.

Slow down, you move too fast,

You've got to make the morning last...

Surely Simon and Garfunkel were singing this song for moms.

Mornings are a dizzying montage of alarm clock, shuffling feet, toothbrushes, spilled milk, yelling across rooms, mismatched socks, absconding shoes, blame-games, tying hair, tucking shirts, forgotten homework, half-eaten breakfasts, rushing out of the door... wait... kiss... OK, now out of the door. Phew!

What if we did listen to Mr Simon and Mr Garfunkel?

What if we pressed pause on all the madness? If only for a day. If only in our imagination. Check to see if we can slow down and look around.

Just kicking down the cobble stones,

Looking for fun and feelin' groovy...

Try this. Get up a half hour before the kids, put on your shoes, tie up your hair, put some music on your iPod or phone, sneak out and quietly close the door behind you.

Step outside, take a deep breath and go somewhere, or nowhere.

Hello lamp-post, what's cha knowing, I've come to watch your flowers growin'

Ain't cha got no rhymes for me, do-it-do-do, feelin' groovy...

On another morning, give your kids a quick-fix snack for lunch, nothing laboriously healthy. In the afternoon, tell them their homework is their homework. Smile and walk away.

I've got no deeds to do, no promises to keep...

One morning when you wake up, don't get up. Lie in bed, keep your eyes closed. Stretch your mind -- mental yoga. Think not about the day's dreary schedule, work, meetings, laundry, bai, inches and kilos. Think instead of something delicious you could eat, something good you could read, someone funny you could talk to, somewhere nice to go to, silently hum a happy song. Then get up (or turn over) and hug your loved one, close your eyes and pretend you are still asleep... for a few more minutes.

I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep...

Mothers have to work a little harder at learning not to work so hard. That's tongue twister speak for just letting go. Letting go of the desire to protect and provide at all times, under all circumstances and to any extent. What if we leaned back from being a mom (à la Leaning In, Sheryl Sandberg style) exhaled and then just let it flow away from between our fingers.

Let the morning time drop all its petals on me...

What if we told ourselves that we are not professional jugglers and the ball will drop every now and then. And when it does we will just bend and pick it up. Or not.

What if we don't get trapped in hollow buzzwords like "me time" that offer respite similar to Leisure Hour for prisoners? Instead let all hours be ours, so that we get to decide how we loan them out to others -- to our family, friends, co-workers. What if we stopped the running roster of things-others-need-to-do alongside our own list of things-to-do and what if we learned to keep the lists separate?

What if, every once in a while, we quickly moved to pick up the best piece of cake and did not politely wait for others. And then if someone looks shocked, we just wink and walk away.

What if we learned to trust others to take care of themselves so that we could go back to taking care of ourselves? 'Cause that's the way it should be...

Life I love you, all is groovy.

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