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8 Best Indian Restaurants, According To EatTreat Members

Dim sum
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Dim sum

The good people on foodie community EatTreat love their food and their restaurants. There are tens of thousands of members and an endless stream of favourites. We see praise, we see pans, we see many shameless plugs -- but we also see a pattern. As people elaborate on their food experiences, a bunch of places stand out as frontrunners in the popularity charts. Here are some that repeatedly make the cut among our users.

1. Indian Accent, New Delhi

There isn't a single other place that garners as much praise. We all know Chef Manish Mehrotra is a bit of a genius but to keep an establishment at the top its game for so long is quite an achievement. The man innovates and creates and the groupies cheer. Big time. Special credit should go to Rohit Khattar who has now taken the restaurant to New York City and garnered 2 stars from The New York Times.

2. Yum Yum Cha, New Delhi

Varun Tulli hit it out of the stadium with this one. The Ramen bowls, the rice bowls, the dimsum and the sushi, all bursting with flavour, have found a permanent place in the hearts of foodies. In a recent post about the place some 200 people begged the joint open in their immediate neighbourhood. Gurgaon was the first to get lucky, with a new branch recently opening in Cyber City.

3. The Table, Mumbai

This tony South Mumbai mainstay is a must-dine in the city. The one dish that most members swear by is the zucchini pasta in brown butter sauce. All the happiness of not eating carbs is instantly lost with the sinful brown butter sauce. But seriously, with its elegant interiors and even more elegant food the place is a winner.

4. Trishna, Mumbai

Every single firang who hits Mumbai is sent here. Hell every person who stumbles into our FB group asking for recommendations in Mumbai marched off here. The Hyderabad dal is the most written-about dish, closely followed by the prawn biryani and fried fish. Of course, there is tons of cribbing too on how very expensive they have become.

5. Tres, New Delhi

This small but excellent restaurant in Lodhi Market in Delhi always gets a lot of love. Chefs Julia and Jatin turn out solid, tasty European comfort food. Many people on the group swear by it and love its unpretentious vibe. It is one of those rare places where the desserts are just as good as the mains and starters. Try their panna cotta and you will agree.

6. Swati Snacks, Mumbai

Should one dare to say one negative thing about this iconic vegetarian place -- better known as Swati Lunch Home -- there will be digital blood on the ground. It is universally loved, and posts about it are mainly from visitors to Mumbai who lament the absence of this place in their hometowns. I too wish they would open in Delhi. The members are almost poetic about the theplas, the khichris and the poori alloos.

7. Le Bistro Du Parc, Delhi

For a small place this place gets a fair share of attention. The many loyalists love its music evening and sophisticated, well-thought-out menus, but some grumble about a lack of consistency.

8. Royal China, Delhi and Mumbai

Famous for its unlimited dimsum lunches, this Chinese chain gets a big thumbs up for taste, but allegations of more than a little help from MSG get repeated again and again. While most people love the food, the question remains: are they using the dreaded ajinomoto or not?


So the names flourish and fade but good food and effort are always recognized. Many a place has emerged as a star after finding a mention on the group. People vote by turning up and spreading the word. Sometimes the tide turns against establishments, often for good reasons, but usually the owners engage with the feedback and peace reigns in the land of EatTreat.

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