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6 Unlikely Bollywood Sequels That Could Trump The Originals

A Pakistani boy shows CDs of Indian film Agent Vinod he bought from a store in Karachi, Pakistan on Monday, March 26, 2012. The Indian James Bond, Agent Vinod, can disarm a bomb while flying a helicopter, dodge bullets from deadly assassins and save his country from nuclear disaster, but getting into cinemas in Pakistan has proved to be an impossible feat, after Agent Vinod's critical portrayal of the country's generals and spies and shows Pakistan providing support for the Taliban in Afghanistan. (AP Photo)

From the plush studios of California to the dusty sets of Chandivali, everyone is talking sequels.

If Hollywood has pinned its hopes on the superhero universe to deliver their yearly quota of billion-dollar blockbusters; then closer home there is already talk of Bhai giving a serious thought to Kick 2 and Bodyguard 2. The next installments of Hera Pheri, Housefull, Baby, Ghayal, Rock On and No Entry are already in the works; and it won't be long before there is some news on the Dhoom, Kaminey and Don fronts as well.

Of course the result of the first film always plays a big role in deciding the future of any franchise. But there are some titles which genuinely deserve another shot, regardless of their underwhelming predecessors.

Agent Vinod

A cracker of a premise, lavish canvas, a gorgeous heroine and an in-form leading man should have been enough to make this one hell of an entertaining ride. But Saif Ali Khan's 007-esque take on a 70s B-movie fell short of the thrills it promised. Despite some sharp one-liners, the screenplay was way too fragmented, thus making the spy look like travel-agent Vinod. But with a more focused narrative (read: Baby), we wouldn't mind giving this stylish undercover agent another chance to impress us.

Bang Bang

Okay, so the first teaser was perhaps the best thing about this high-on-hype action saga that turned out to be a rather lazily written, sluggish watch. But that teaser alone makes us want to watch this gorgeous pair (Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif) in action all over again. Babes, beaches, bikes, bazookas, brawn... Bang Bang had it all... well almost. Next time add a little bit of brain and this one can be a truly rollicking franchise.


If you own a television and a cable connection, you have surely stumbled into this remake starring Amitabh Bachchan in a double role. A movie channel favourite, this film has a plot and treatment that belong to another century. But Big B is in top form as the fiery, authoritarian patriarch, who becomes a sentimental softie whenever he is around his grandson. Bachchan expertly balances both these emotions scene after scene, thus delivering one of his most underrated performances ever. If one eliminates everyone else and just focuses on this element of the story, then the premise has enough meat for a sequel; with a Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh apt for the part of Big B's grown-up 'potaa'. Given that Amitabh Bachchan is in grandpa mode in real life too, it's perhaps time for Thakur Bhanupratap Singh aka 'Sooryavansh' to make the comeback that he deserves.


Leave Baazigar alone! Some classics should not be messed with. But while Baazigar is perfect just the way it is, SRK's Baadshah (made by the same team) definitely deserves another shot. A delightful comedy of errors about a bumbling detective, this one never really got its due. Now with a top-notch VFX studio under his wing and that razor-sharp wit which just gets better with age, the time is right for 'Shah Rukh Khan in Baadshah Returns'.

Chandni Chowk To China

The makers did threaten us with the hint of a sequel in the closing credits of this disaster. But while it seemed like a horrendous idea back then; having revisited bits of Akshay Kumar's Kung-Fu-hustle on TV, one sees some potential in the premise. Watching Kumar match his karate chops with Deepika's sexy moves in yet another foreign land is not that bad an idea. But only if they promise to subtract the exaggerated melodrama of CC2C.


This loud gore-fest came out in the pre-100-crore era when Salman Khan was not 'The Salman'. But just imagine Inspector Arjun Ranawat making that Zorro-like cross on the screen today. What say? First week 200 crores? Your guess is good as mine!

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