30/04/2015 8:09 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Here's What Kathmandu Looks Like After The Devastating M7.8 Earthquake

Amrit Sharma

I booked the first commercial flight from New Delhi into Kathmandu, as soon as I understood the severity of Saturday's earthquake. I touched down in Kathmandu on Sunday evening.

My family and I moved to Kathmandu when I was 2 years old, and I lived here for the next 16 years. I had to come back here to do what I can, including documenting history to share with the world. It's painful to see my hometown go through so much suffering. Kathmandu is more-or-less in good shape, but I can't even imagine the state of the thousands of small towns and village across Nepal. I took these photos with my GoPro, as I walked through the streets where I grew up.

  • Former Royal Palace Wall
  • Food lines near New Road
  • Crane Clears Rubble near Ratna Park
  • Bir Hospital
  • Water from Army Tanker
  • Tundikhel Park
  • Tundikhel Park
  • Tundikhel Park
  • Sleeping Outside Near Asan
  • Outside Secondary School - Several deaths reported here
  • Secondary School Damage - Several deaths here
  • Power lines down at Thamel
  • Power lines down
  • Outside SAARC Secretariat
  • Nepal Central Bank Outer Wall
  • Durbar Square
  • Durbar Square
  • Durbar Square Temples
  • Durbar Square
  • Durbar Square

All images have been provided by Amrit Sharma.

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