04/02/2015 8:13 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Bangalore Is India's Leader In Attracting VC Funding

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If not exclusively, San Francisco and Palo Alto, Beijing, and Bengaluru are all becoming tech hubs. Venture capitalists invested $2.6 billion into companies located in Bengaluru in 2014, based on data from CrunchBase.

San Francisco led the list of the cities that received the largest share of venture capital funding with $13 billion of VC investments, followed by Beijing ($6.4 billion), New York ($5.7 billion), Palo Alto ($3.2 billion) and Bengaluru ($2.6 billion).

Among top five countries, India received 3rd largest share of venture capital funding ($4.6 billion) after the United States of America ($58.9 billion) and China ($8.9 billion). Great Britain ($3.2 billion) ranked fourth, followed by Germany ($1.7 billion), rounds out the Top Five.

Venture capital investments around the world: Top Cities

1. San Francisco, $13 billion

2. Beijing, $6.4 billion

3. New York, $5.7 billion

4. Palo Alto, $3.2 billion

5. Bengaluru, $2.6 billion

Venture capital investments around the world: Top Countries

1. The United States of America, $58.9 billion

8,730 Rounds

2. China, $8.9 billion

236 Rounds

3. India, $4.6 billion

383 Rounds

4. Great Britain, $3.2 billion

767 Rounds

5. Germany, $1.7 billion

277 Rounds


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