08/06/2015 11:29 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Why Most Of Us Have Forgotten How To Think For Ourselves


I have been taught that thought is the highest form of energy that resides in the Sahasrara, the highest chakra. It is indeed the most powerful energy that can be harnessed. This is realised well by the agencies that are in the business of making people think, but very rarely by ordinary folk.

Consider the following scenarios:

- You wake up in the morning and reach out for your smart phone to see the latest news updates, the content of your mailboxes, your Facebook feed stream, the tweets that matter.

- You may pick up a physical newspaper or switch on your television set for the news or some music.

- At work, you must focus your thoughts completely on finishing the project that lies before you --solutions, crises, conversations, meetings etc.

- Some may repeat the routine once more when back into their sanctuary or may rely on the Internet to provide their next thinking cues.

- Meanwhile, some folk may have a better pursuit which could involve reading a book and going to bed when sleep takes over.

There could be many more scenarios that I have missed. But the more important question here is -- Where is the individual's independent thought in all of this? It is all induced thinking. Sets of images and a plethora of content are placed before a person and that naturally sets the agenda of thinking!

A couple of months ago I sat watching India lose haplessly to Australia in the Cricket World Cup. Mid-game, as we lost four or five batsmen, whose dismissal had quashed the chances of winning in a big way, messages portending a sad end had already started doing rounds.

And suddenly I wondered, we are a nation of over 1.27 billion people and cricket is almost a national religion. What if a huge majority of people have already accorded defeat to the team! Just imagine what the energy of such a mass consciousness can do... well, it definitely cannot attract victory!

Rene Descartes had pronounced years ago":cogito ergo sum. I think therefore I am! He understood the crux of power --being able to understand and channelise one's own thought energy.

But then he was at an advantage. There were no smart phones, no cacophony of information around him. However, you my friend ( and me as well) must wage a larger battle for preserving and cultivating independent original thought, especially in all the moments that we get from the survival dance -- our work, our karma!

So the next time you take to numbing your mind with an innocuous yet addictive game of candy crush, do give it a thought -- are you made to think or are you being made to think?

Of course, the quality of thought is primary. You may be an independent thinking creature but if the quality of thought is morose or pessimistic, you may need to replenish the reservoir you are dipping into. Tap into the super consciousness -- through meditation, creating art, writing, being with nature, bonding with pets -- and see this source of real energy transform you into a spiritually self-sustaining entity.