15/01/2016 8:03 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

5 Habits That Could Revolutionise Your Career

Business colleagues working during office meeting
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Business colleagues working during office meeting

At some point during our career, we come to realise that we have been making use of less and less of what we learned in college and are relying more on our life skills. We also become open to developing new skills that are vital to our success.

Here are some essential habits that can help you grow professionally and to achieve greater success in your career.

1. Feedback, feedback, feedback!

Others have the best view of you, so be humble and seek feedback on everything you do. There is no better way to grow. Spend more time listening and understanding than talking. If you are listening 90% of the time with the person in question, that means you are left with 10% of the time to talk. Spend 90% of that 10% asking questions and that will give you much insight and open up a world of awareness for you.

2. Set and honour boundaries

In this manner, you are responsible for your actions and decisions. As and when you stick to your boundaries, you become a responsible and reliable go-to person. You can't go after everything, so identify your strengths, weaknesses and passions to decide what is important for you. Then prioritise and put your heart and soul into those areas. This way, you will deliver value the way it's most impactful to others and to you. If you go for every opportunity, you end up chasing the dreams of everyone but yourself.

3. Invest in learning and education

This is something that never fails whether done formally or on one's personal initiative. Witness how Steve Jobs's accidentally attending courses on calligraphy contributed to Apple's famous friendly fonts. You never stop learning or making use of the cumulative awareness of subjects and skills.

4. Always to try to surprise your manager--in a good way!

Go beyond what was asked for, bring your own ideas into the mix and ensure that the finished product will delight by checking along the way. Above all, do very high-quality work, which makes the manager's job far easier and starts preparing you for the next level. Remember you need to make the most of their experience and learn from their advice. You need to schedule one-on-one time with them to ensure they are in the know of your progress and that you are moving in the right direction.

5. Be adaptable to change

The more flexible you become, the more you grow. Also, the more you listen to others and accept their opinions as well, the more you develop your ideas -- and yourself. In the world of ideas, two and two usually make far more than four. On your own, you are a meagre "one". Make the most of the opportunity at hand. We need to understand that a new door can also lead to better prospects. Sometimes a challenge is all you need to understand your mettle.

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