Kerala Tourism Tweeted A Photo Of 'Aviyal' And Malayalis Are Not Having It

Kerala Tourism's post on the vegetarian dish from the state caused quite a furore on Twitter.
Aviyal is a vegetarian dish from Kerala.
Aviyal is a vegetarian dish from Kerala.

Kerala Tourism's tweet on the avial, a traditional dish from the state, has caused quite a furore among Malayalis on Twitter.

The avial, a quintessential dish of the Malayali cuisine, is a medley of vegetables seasoned with curd and curry leaves. The dish is an essential part of the sadya, the vegetarian feast prepared for the festival of Onam.

On Tuesday, the state's tourism department's Twitter account posted:

Within hours, there was a flurry replies to the tweet. The post evoked a strong response from Malayalis, to say the least.

Several people took offence at the appearance of the dish in the photo, with one person calling it a "hyper veg version of caesar salad".

Others couldn't fathom what tomatoes were doing in it.

A whole bunch couldn't stomach the grammar of the tweet.

The outrage prompted some to come clean on how they really felt about the dish.

Which side are you on?