Fans Remember Stan Lee's Indian Superhero Chakra The Invincible

Chakra The Invincible used his powers to help keep Mumbai safe.

Stan Lee, who died on Monday at the age of 95, will be remembered for the many characters he created ― among them, a superhero who left a huge impression on the Indian community.

Lee ― along with his co-creator Sharad Devarajan, CEO of character entertainment company Graphic India ― introduced the comic book “Chakra: The Invincible” to the world in 2011.

The comic followed the adventures of Indian teen and technology whiz Raju Rai, who lives in Mumbai, India. Rai creates a special suit that’s able to harness his chakras, or energy centers, unleashing superpowers to help keep his city safe.

Since Lee’s death, people have been sharing their warm thoughts about Rai ― particularly those in the South Asian community who were moved to see an Indian face in an industry dominated by Western publishers.

Co-creator Devarajan also shared some heartfelt words about the Marvel legend.

Rai made an animated movie debut on Cartoon Network India in 2013. Lee had told Reuters it was about time for an Indian superhero.

“We are friendly with Sharad and we were talking about the fact that India doesn’t have a POW! type of superhero, and I loved creating superheroes so I thought it would be fun to do an Indian superhero,” Lee said, referencing POW!, the production company he created.

Lee told Reuters that he felt an Indian superhero “should be done and should have been done a long time ago.” With his comics being seen across the globe, Lee added, the stories and characters should be “representative of nations all over the world.”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story mistakenly indicated Chakra was part of the Marvel universe.