11 Gifts For Tween Boys And Girls That Are Age Actually Appropriate

Whether the tween on your shopping list is one you spend a lot of time with or not, gift ideas for tween boys and girls can be the hardest to think of. What does a tween who loves animals want? What are some gift ideas for tweens who love to read? What subscription boxes for tweens who love fashion?

It’s a Goldilocks scenario: You want gifts for tweens that aren’t too babyish, aren’t too grown up, but that are right in the middle. This way, you’re sure to give a gift the whole family will enjoy, which is important if you’re buying gifts for tweens who aren’t your own kids.

We went right to the source to find gift ideas for tweens, by tweens. These 11 gift ideas below are straight from the gift lists of actual tweens, and will surely give you some gifting inspiration for the weeks ahead.

Here, 11 gifts for tween boys and girls that are age appropriate.

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