'Modern Family' Reveals A Certain Someone Is Pregnant (Spoiler)

Who was expecting that she'd be having a baby?

Warning: Spoiler below.

Way to go all circle of life, “Modern Family.”

Just weeks after the sitcom killed off DeDe Pritchett (Shelley Long), it knocked up her granddaughter Haley (Sarah Hyland) on Wednesday’s episode.

Yep, Haley is pregnant and the dad could be Dylan (Reid Ewing) or perhaps even ex-boyfriend Arvin (Chris Geere).

The reveal came after a bumper-car collision with Dylan shoved a lipstick in her nose, “Today” reported. So they went to the hospital and inadvertently got the baby news.

Fans of the show might have already expected that she was expecting, especially after Hyland posted this hint.

After the episode aired, she showed off her fake baby bump.

Reaction to Haley’s baby-on-the-way was mixed: