The Best Kids Books Of 2018 To Not Raise A Jerk

For the kid who still takes naps, but you want to stay woke.

With everything going on in the world, parents have to make a lot of decisions about how they teach their kids about other cultures. Raising tolerant and accepting children is a complicated task, but a vital part of it is teaching kids to appreciate the differences among us all, and exposing them to it all at an early age.

If you’re not sure how to approach certain subjects like diversity, feminism, immigration and special needs, books can provide many teachable moments about the world they live in. Stories expose us to different places, people and lifestyles in a comfortable and entertaining way. They also allow children to put themselves in the character’s shoes and learn to empathize with people who are different.

Whether it’s representation for minorities or strong female leads, learning to be an ally for LGBTQ, immigrants, and disabled communities, or embracing body positivity, all of these books can teach your child about acceptance of themselves and respect for others.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite children’s books that promote acceptance and tolerance — but remember, these books are just a start on the path to raising a kid who’s not a jerk.

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1. Children’s Books With Diverse Representation

2. Children’s Books About Immigration

3. Children’s Books About Feminism

4. Children’s Books With LGBTQ Representation

5. Children’s Books About Disabilities And Special Needs

6. Children’s Books About Body Positivity

7. Children’s Books About Embracing All Differences