06/11/2018 6:20 PM IST | Updated 06/11/2018 6:20 PM IST

Diwali 2018: Here’s How To Care For Your Pets When People Burst Firecrackers

Dr RT Sharma said staying around family members help pets remain calm.

chendongshan via Getty Images
Golden retriever and British short Hairy Cat

While loud festivities mark the festival of Diwali, innumerable animals suffer each year from the resulting noise pollution. Animal welfare associations have already started educating people on how to keep pets safe during Diwali.

Even celebrities, including actor Raveena Tandon, have shared ways to keep animals safe and shut out the noise. Tandon told Asian Age that companionship was of prime importance during those hours.

Actor Richa Chaddha also told the newspaper that burning of firecrackers should stop for the sake of the animals.

Actress Sayantika Banerjee told The Times of India that she tries to soundproof the room.

Dr RT Sharma, president of PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society), said that it's always best to confine a dog in the house so they don't run away. Keeping the animals warm is another good way to calm them down, he added.

Sharma suggested giving animals anti-anxiety medication or mild tranquillisers after speaking to the vet.

Dog parent, Ranica Kapoor, said she stays with her dog to calm her anxieties. "Just make sure they [pets] can see you," she added.

Here are a few ways to keep the animals calm during the noisy time:

  • Stay with the pets: Sharma said that staying with family members helps keep the animals calm. They should not be left alone.
  • Keep windows shut: Pet parents should shut all windows and doors to minimise the noise.
  • Anti-anxiety medication: These medicines are available to help keep the pets calm. However, consult a vet before administering one.