Justin Bieber Just Shaved Off All His Hair

And he likes what he sees.

Justin Bieber’s hair used to dangle above his shoulders, like in the photo immediately below.

Now, not so much. In an Instagram Story he posted Tuesday, the Biebs revealed he had shaved his head into a barely-there buzzcut.

We’ll give you a few scrolls down to decide if you can handle the 24-year-old singer looking like he just entered some sort of pop star boot camp.

But if you can... start scrolling.


The hashtag “#Buzztin” gained traction on social media, so we can safely say the internet noticed the performer’s new ’do.

In May Bieber teased that he would “grow my hair down to my toes.”

Who would have imagined that he’d shear it off almost down to his scalp?

He always keeps the Beliebers guessing.