01/11/2018 1:05 PM IST | Updated 01/11/2018 1:06 PM IST

BCCI Directed Australia To Remove Beef From Indian Cricket Team's Menu: Reports

BCCI's recent tweet on the Indian team's menu received a lot of backlash.

India's captain Virat Kohli. Image used for representational purposes only.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has reportedly asked the Australian authorities to remove beef from the menu for Indian cricketers slated to tour the country this month. Mumbai Mirror reports that a team from BCCI which had visited Australia to review preparations suggested that beef be taken off the menu for Indians.

Incidentally, the report points out, that the BCCI had shared the lunch menu for the team when they had toured England in August. The menu, that had everything from halibut and chicken to dal makhni and paneer, also had braised beef pasta on it. Expectedly, as soon as BCCI shared the picture, several Hindutva right-wing handles descended on the post to criticise the cricketers consuming beef and BCCI allowing it. Some even alleged that the reason the team would fail is because they ate beef.

BCCI has not officially commented on the issue yet.

The men's cricket team has often faced unreasonable backlash from 'fans' including social media users accusing their spouses of bringing them bad luck. After the team suffered a loss in 2016, people took to Twitter to accuse Sharma of taking Virat Kohli's mind away from the game among other things. Kohli took to Instagram and Twitter to chastise the 'fans' who had turned on Sharma.

Despite Kohli lashing out at bigots, in 2018, again, people on Twitter accused Sharma of bringing bad luck to Kohli.