30/10/2018 10:55 AM IST | Updated 30/10/2018 10:56 AM IST

Why A Village Adopted By Minister Mahesh Sharma Has Put Up A Board Saying BJP Leaders Are Unwelcome

Villagers in Greater Noida alleged that during a stand off with a realty group, no one from the elected government came to help them.

The board outside Greater Noida's Kachera village.

A village in Greater Noida called Kachera has put up a board outside saying BJP people were not allowed inside. This board was put up by the villagers allegedly after local administration and employees of the Wave Group destroyed their crops.

The Indian Express quoted a resident of the village Tejinder Nagar as saying, "Five days ago, we all woke up to around 25-30 excavators destroying crops we had sown six months ago. A force of around 100 policemen had made a perimeter around the tractors so that no villager could disrupt the work. When we asked questions, we were greeted with lathis."

Reports say that over 80 villagers had been arrested over the incident.

The Times of India reported that land had been acquired from the villagers for a housing project called "High Tech City" in 2010. The report said that the farmers had refused to hand over the land and had demanded additional compensation.

While the farmers said that they had a few more days to give up their land, the developers allegedly drove excavators through the fields that destroyed the crops.

Mahender Pehelwan, a villager, told the The Times of India, "Nobody from the ruling party came to support us. We have taken our plea to many local and national leaders, including MLAs and MPs, but to no avail."

While the village had been adopted by Minister Mahesh Sharma, villagers alleged that he did not help them at all.

Ranveer Singh, a villager, told The Indian Express that Sharma did not respond to them despite their attempts to contact him.