30/10/2018 11:23 AM IST | Updated 30/10/2018 11:23 AM IST

Mumbai Woman Strips To Drive Cops Away, Men Take Video Without Consent And Circulate On Social Media

The woman had repeatedly asked the men to not take her video.

Danish Siddiqui / Reuters
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A woman stripped down to her underwear inside the elevator of a Mumbai building, allegedly to drive away cops who she said were forcing her to accompany them to the police station at 3 am. Bystanders, possibly residents of the building gathered and took videos of the woman fighting and then stripping, which were then circulated widely on social media.

The woman later shared details of the incident on Twitter, to which Mumbai Police replied that no one was taken to the police station and the personnel were responding to a call made to 100. The woman had made the call to the police.

The woman's Twitter account seems to have been created just recently, possibly to share her side of the story.

According to reports, the woman got into a scuffle with the guard in her building in Mumbai's Lokhandwala. A report on India Today points out that CCTV footage shows the woman approaching the security guard's desk in the lobby, following which she is seen slapping him. The guard then tries to shove her away.

"She then once again approached the guard's desk and the two once again get into a physical confrontation. They fight -- Sharma is seen slapping and hitting the guard, the guard is seen dragging and shoving her and simultaneously move to the building's entrance/exit," the report said. It also said that the same video shows a man trying to intervene but the duo fighting and heading out of the building.

In a second video, the visibly distraught girl is seen asking the police to let her go to her flat. Reports say police officers in the video are seen asking her to file a complaint and come with them. They also ask her why she hit the guard.

Several reports suggest that the girl repeatedly asked the police to let her go back to her flat and speak to her lawyer, but the guard and the police blocked her way and didn't let her go. Then she is seen getting back inside the elevator, following which she starts stripping in order to make the police and the bystanders leave.

In her post on Twitter, the girl said that she had to resort to stripping because despite her promising the police officers that she'll visit the station in the morning, they did not leave. And when she started stripping, the police didn't stop two-three men who started shooting her video, despite her asking them not to.

It is not clear if any action has been taken against the men who shot her video without her consent and despite her protests.