29/10/2018 11:19 AM IST | Updated 29/10/2018 11:20 AM IST

This Arjuna Award Winning Boxer Now Sells Kulfi On The Streets Of Bhiwani

Dinesh Kumar blames lack of support from the government for his fate.

Dinesh Kumar, an Arjuna Award winning boxer, now sells kulfi in Haryana's Bhiwani.

An Arjuna Award winning boxer, Dinesh Kumar, now sells kulfi on the streets of Bhiwani in Haryana.

Kumar, who has won 17 gold medals, one silver and five bronze medals, says that he has no choice but to sell kulfi with his father to pay off debts.

He has played in bother national and international tournaments.

ANI reported that Kumar was injured in a road accident and his father had to borrow money for his treatment. This added to the debts his father had incurred to send Kumar to compete in international boxing tournaments.

Kumar told ANI, "I have played at international and national level. In my boxing career, I have won seventeen gold, one silver, and five bronze medals. My father took a loan so that I could play at international tournaments. To repay the loan, I have to sell ice-creams with my father. Neither previous nor the present government has provided any help to me. I request the government to help me in repaying the loan. I am a good player. I need a stable government job. With the government's help, I can prepare youngsters for the international events."

In a video shared by the news agency on YouTube, Kumar can be seen pushing a kulfi cart that says "Dinesh Kulfi" on the streets of Bhiwani.

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