18/10/2018 12:54 PM IST | Updated 18/10/2018 1:27 PM IST

'Being Treated Like A Terrorist': Son Of Former BSP MP Surrenders In Court

In a video released before surrendering, Ashish Pandey said with folded hands that he was not at fault.

Ashish Pandey, the gun-toting son of a former BSP MP, in a video.

Ashish Pandey, the son of a former BSP MP, who was seen waving a gun in Delhi's Hyatt Regency hotel in a video that went viral, surrendered at a Delhi court on Thursday.

Pandey had been "missing" since Monday, after the video of the incident that took place on 14 October was released.

In a video released before he surrendered, Pandey said that he was being wrongly framed and was being hunted down like a terrorist.

Pandey can be seen saying in the video, "My weapon is a licensed weapon. I have had the license for the past 20 years. I have never misbehaved with anyone, ever. I will surrender and I would ask you to take a look at the CCTV footage."

Pandey also claimed that there was a "media trial" being carried out against him and he was being portrayed like a terrorist.

In his surrender application to the court, Pandey claimed that he was being "wrongly framed in the present FIR and was being subjected to the media trial".

Ashish Pandey's surrender statement.

The police had been looking out for Pandey since his video went viral. A police team had been sent to Lucknow and airports had been alerted to catch Pandey, the son of Rakesh Pandey, a former BSP MP.

A showcause notice had also been sent to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, asking why their lodging licence should not be cancelled in light of the incident.

In the video, Pandey was seen pulling out a handgun at the entrance of Hyatt Regency in South Delhi over an argument and hurling abuses at a woman and her friend.

The three women accompanying him, one recording the video and two others, were also heard abusing the couple.