11/10/2018 5:48 PM IST | Updated 11/10/2018 5:48 PM IST

Anguished Domino's Customers Take To Twitter Over Pizza Chain Going Vegetarian In Gujarat

Mere saath bohot bada dhokha hua hai 之之之 (I feel cheated), a Twitter user said.

Screenshot from Dominos website
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Pizza lovers in Gujarat have discovered, much to their dismay, that Domino's has stopped serving non-vegetarian pizzas in their outlets across the state.

While this is a measure that the Domino's would take during Navaratri every year, reports say there may be no going back this time as the pizza chain has even re-printed its menus.

The Indian Express quoted the staff of an outlet in Vadodara as saying, "Customers walking in to order non-veg pizzas are disappointed with the decision but it is not in our hands. All of them want to know why the pizzas have turned vegetarian before the commencement of Navratri. Most of the patrons are now aware that the outlets serve only veg pizzas during Navratris but this permanent change has definitely upset many people."

Disgruntled customers have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment. While some were surprised, other were just confused about why this decision was taken.

A Twitter user said that they felt cheated:

Some people even felt ashamed.

And others were just in shock