05/10/2018 12:10 PM IST | Updated 05/10/2018 12:10 PM IST

Apple Executive Killing: UP Cops Protest Arrest Of Colleague As Vivek Tiwari's Wife Fights For Justice

The Uttar Pradesh police have called for a protest against the arrest of their colleague who has been accused of killing Tiwari.


Constables in the Uttar Pradesh police force have threatened to go on a hunger strike as they protest on Friday over action taken against Prashant Chaudhary, who has been accused of shooting Apple executive Vivek Tiwari.

Reports say the police in UP have declared 5 October a black day over Chaudhary's arrest.

The Times of India reported that Avinash Prakash Pathak, general secretary of Police Non-gazetted Employees Welfare Association, Uttar Pradesh, said that they have asked the cops to wear black ribbons as a form of protest.

Tiwari was reportedly shot by Chaudhary for not stopping his car. While cops have claimed that they shot him in self-defence since Tiwari tried to run him over, CCTV footage has shown otherwise.

However, Pathak told TOI, "Chaudhary's act was of self-defence and not a criminal intent. The senior police officials without probing the matter took action against their man."

Meanwhile, Tiwari's wife Kalpana has said that she wants those responsible for the death of her husband to be brought to book.

"I just asked Sana to stick to the truth and convinced her that only both of us together can take this case to its conclusion," Kalpana was quoted by Hindustan Times.

Sana Khan was Tiwari's colleague who was in the car with him when he was shot.

Tiwari was shot early on Saturday morning in Lucknow's Gomti Nagar neighbourhood.

The police first claimed that he was shot because he refused to stop his car to be checked.

An SIT has been created to probe the killing. The UP DGP has called the incident a criminal case.