01/10/2018 3:09 PM IST | Updated 01/10/2018 3:09 PM IST

Apple Manager's Murder: Vivek Tiwari's Wife Meets Yogi Adityanath As New CCTV Footage Bores Holes In Police Narrative

Kalpana Tiwari said that she had faith in the government and that Adityanath had accepted all her demands.

Vivek Tiwari/Facebook

Apple executive Vivek Tiwari's wife Kalpana met Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday and said that she had faith in the state government and that the chief minister had accepted all her demands.

"He heard what I had to say and assured help. I had earlier also said that I have faith in our state government and today that faith has strengthened," Kalpana told ANI.

She said:

This comes even as CCTV footage from the incident showed that the police had given a false narrative of the incident. Prashant Chowdhary, the constable accused of shooting Tiwari, had claimed that he had fired in self-defence because Tiwari had tried to run him over. But the footage showed that the car was being driven at a normal speed.

News18, that has access to the footage, reported that both the car and the bike were going at a normal speed around 1:24 am, and it did not look like a chase — a narrative that the police have portrayed.

Tiwari was shot by Chowdhary through the windscreen of his car early on Saturday morning. The incident took place in Lucknow's Gomti Nagar when Tiwari was travelling with his colleague Sana Khan and dropping her home.

Khan said that Tiwari refused to stop the car when two bike bourne constables tried to stop them because he feared for her safety. As Tiwari tried to get away, one of the cops is said to have put his baton inside the car window to stop him, while the other shot him through the windscreen.

While the first FIR was filed hours after the incident, in a second FIR, Tiwari's wife Kalpana has claimed that Khan was stopped from making calls to people by the police who arrived at the spot. She was also allegedly made to sign a blank document by the police.