21/08/2018 5:28 PM IST | Updated 21/08/2018 7:26 PM IST

WATCH: Karnataka Minister HD Revanna Throws Biscuits At Kodagu Flood Victims

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, who is Revanna's brother, has defended his actions.


Amid destruction and deaths because of floods in Karnataka's Kodagu district, Karnataka Public Works Minister HD Revanna was seen flinging biscuit packets at victims displaced by the floods.

Revanna, who is the brother of HD Kumaraswamy, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, was seen flinging biscuits at the relief camp in Hassan district on Monday.

The video shows Revanna being passed packets of biscuits which he throws to people in the camp instead of distributing to them.

The video has since gone viral on social media and has drawn flak against the minister and the ruling government in Karnataka.

News reports said Kumaraswamy defended his brother's actions.

NDTV reported the chief minister as saying that there was no space to move because there was a huge crowd at the scene.

Revanna also defended himself, saying he did not mean to insult anyone.

The News Minute quoted Revanna as saying, "It was not intentional and I did not want to insult anyone. I could not reach the women and children at the back so I threw it."

A report in The Times of India said that while he did pass the biscuits in the beginning, he started throwing the packets at the crowd which mostly comprised women and children.

Around 12 people have died in the Kodagu floods and over 4,000 people have been displaced.