04/08/2018 11:54 AM IST | Updated 04/08/2018 11:57 AM IST

Muslim Man's Beard Forcibly Shaved In Gurugram

"They held both my hands and forced the barber to shave off my beard."

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A Muslim man's beard was forcibly shaved in Gururgram, earlier this week, according to media reports.

Jafruddin Hamid, who runs a dhaba near IFFCO chowk, has alleged that he was forced to shave his beard and his assailants called him a Pakistani.

Hamid had reportedly gone to buy vegetables in Khandsa Mandi with his cook, Ibrahim, when they were accosted by the miscreants on Tuesday.

Hamid toldThe Times of India, "Ibrahim wanted a haircut, so we went to a barber's shop near the market.The two men were inside the shop and were getting a haircut. One of them asked me to cut my beard. When I refused citing my religion, the duo called me a Pakistani and started thrashing me."

Hindustan Timesreported the assailants have been identified as Gaurav alias Tedha, Nitin Kumar and Ikhlash, a barber.

HT reported that it was Hamid, not Ibrahim, who went in for the haircut.

"They held both my hands and forced the barber to shave off my beard. Though the barber initially refused, they threatened him and assaulted me multiple time," he told the newspaper.

The assailants reportedly threatened Hamid and barber with a knife if they did not comply. They also told him not to show his face in Khandsa Mandi again.

"I was frightened after the incident as they threatened to kill me if I was seen in the area again. I got upset and left for my village," he told HT.

After discussing the matter with the panchayat in his village, Hamid filed a police complaint on Wednesday. The culprits were arrested within two hours, according to the police.