24/07/2018 11:18 AM IST | Updated 24/07/2018 11:19 AM IST

In Rajasthan, Cow Urine Is Selling For As Much As Milk

There is a rise in demand for cow urine.

Himanshu Sharma / Reuters

Dairy farmers in Rajasthan are reportedly earning significantly more as cow urine is being sold in Jaipur for almost the same price as cow milk.

The Times of India reports that the demand for urine of good breed cows is so high that they have registered an increase in income of 30%, with a a litre of cow urine being sold a price range between Rs 15 and Rs 30.

Cow milk is sold for something between Rs.22 and Rs.25.

The rise in demand, the farmers say, are because it is used in organic farms instead of pesticide, for religious rituals and also allegedly medicinal needs.

The Times of India quoted a milk trader Om Prakash Meena, as saying, "I sell one litre of cow urine between Rs 30 and Rs 50. The demand for urine is high among organic farmers who use it as in alternate to pesticides. They sprinkle cow urine on crops to prevent from insect attacks."

This news comes close on the heels of scientists at Junagadh Agriculture University in Gujarat claiming that they had been able to kill cancer cells by using cow urine.

However, doctors had later refuted the claims.

But, governments in several states have continued to claim that cow urine can be used for medicinal purposes.

In February, earlier this year, the Uttar Pradesh government had reportedly decided to give a push for use of cow urine for medicines.

Director of UP's Ayurveda Department, RR Chaudhary, had told PTI, "The Ayurveda department has prepared eight medicines using gau mutra, which can prove to be useful in case of liver ailments, joint pain and immunity deficiency."