20/07/2018 4:14 PM IST | Updated 20/07/2018 6:47 PM IST

No-Confidence Motion LIVE: You Can Call Me 'Pappu' But I Have No Hate For You, Says Rahul Gandhi, Hugs PM Narendra Modi

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6:20 pm: Mallikarjun Kharge Asks 'Achhe Din Kab Ayenge'

Congress leader criticised the Narendra Modi led BJP government asking the house "When will the violence against women and Dalits stop? When will 'achhe din' come? Now it seems like 'achhe din' will never come"

He says, "The BJP has fooled the people with false promises to win votes."

4:10 pm: Does PM Modi Not Deserve Praise For India's Ecomomic Growth? Rajnath Singh Asks Parliament

Rajnath Singh addresses Lok Sabha. He says, "Some Parliamentarians are worried about the Indian economy. But it is crystal clear -- India is the fastest growing economy in the world."

"Today, India is the 6th largest economy in the world. Should the Prime Minister and this government not be praised for that? In the next few years India will be one of the top 3 economies," says Singh.

"All economic indicators are in our control," Rajnath Singh tells Lok Sabha.

3:35 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Will Address Parliament At 6:30 PM

Amid high drama in the Parliament this morning, it is being reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing Lok Sabha at 6:30 pm.

After Rahul Gandhi's sharp attacks on him that ended with a hug on national television, which has been critcised by many, it remains to be seen how the Prime Minister replies to the allegations against him.

3:25 pm: I Think Next For Him Will Be Bollywood, Says Kirron Kher

2:50 pm: Rahul Gandhi Propagated Lies, Says Smriti Irani

2:15 pm: Nirmala Sitharaman Tries To Speak Amid Ruckus

2:10 pm: After His Speech, Rahul Gandhi Gives A Hug To PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi says, "You may have hate for me, you may call me 'Pappu', but I don't have hate for you." He then walked over to the Prime Minister and gave him a hug.

1:55 pm: For The First Time People Abroad Think India Is Unable To Protect Women, Says Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi begins his speech again saying, "Sachhai se daro mat (Don't be afraid of the truth)."

He now talks about how India is not a safe country for women. " It for the first time in history, people abroad that India is not able to protect its women," says Rahul Gandhi.

He says that PM Modi stays silent even when women, minorities and Dalits face violence.

"Wherever you see someone or the other is being killed or beaten up but PM stays silent," says Rahul Gandhi over the recent lynchings.

"It is the responsibility of the Prime Minister to speak to the people," he says.

"These attacks on individuals is not an attack just on them but an attack on BR Ambedkar, on the Constitution and on this house, and we won't tolerate this," says Rahul Gandhi.

"I am very thankful to the PM, RSS and the BJP that they have made me understand the meaning of the Congress and of being an Indian. Thank you for you taught me what it means to be a Hindu and an Indian," says Rahul Gandhi.

1:40 pm: House Adjourned Till 1:45 PM Amid Ruckus

1:30 pm: He Is Not A Protecter, But A Benefactor, Rahul Gandhi Continues Attack On Modi

Rahul Gandhi says, "There is a touch of nervousness about the gentleman... He cannot look me in the eye." He accuses Narendra Modi of handing out defence contracts to his business man friends.

"Chaukidar nahi, bhagidar hain (He is not a protecter but a benefactor)," says Rahul Gandhi.

1:25 pm: Defence Minister Lied To The Country Under Pressure From PM, Says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi says that the defence minister of the country lied about the Rafale deal.

Huge ruckus in Parliament, an agitate Nirmala Sitharama could be seen defending her self.

1:20 pm: Huge Ruckus In Lok Sabha As Rahul Gandhi Mentions Jay Shah

"The prime minister didn't speak a word when the son of his friend made unprecedented profits," says Rahul Gandhi.

1:15 pm: Now Rahul Gandhi Attacks Demonetisation

Gandhi says people in Surat told him that demonetisation destroyed small businesses. He also says, "PM Modi doesn't know what small businessmen, farmers have in their hearts. He only meets rich businessmen".

"People who used to earn through small businesses, you have put your hand in their pockets and taken money from them".

1:10 pm: People Are Victim Of 'Jumla Strike', Says Rahul Gandhi Attacking Modi

Rahul Gandhi answering to Jayadev Galla says, "I feel your pain. You are a victim of a 21st century political weapon".

He says he is a victim of 'jumla strike'

He says that while Prime Minister Modi has promised 2 crore jobs to the youth every year, in 2017 only 4 lakh youths got the job.

1:10 pm: Rakesh Singh Concludes Speech

Rakesh Singh concludes his speech saying, "This no-confidence motion has been moved because the Opposition is scared of Modi's popularity."

"The people won't forgive you (Opposition). We vehemently oppose the no-confidence motion," Rakesh Sinha.

1:00 pm: Ruckus In Lok Sabha As Rakesh Singh Continues To Speak

Rakesh Singh is now listing out the Modi government's achievements in numbers -- how many toilets they built, how many villages received electricity during the Modi government.

This, amid ruckus created by Opposition members, to which BJP's Anurag Thakur warned them to not create trouble or "We will not let you speak".

12:45 pm: No-Confidence Motion Because Opposition Aware That BJP Will Win In 2019, Says Rakesh Singh

Rakesh Singh says that the Opposition has brought in the no-confidence motion because they are aware that 2019 will see a BJP government come to power again.

He says that the Modi government only cares about development. He says, "Now, for the first time, even the people in the north-east feel like they are a part of the country."

12:30 pm: BJP Rose Above Divisive Politics, Rakesh Singh Tells Parliament

Rakesh Singh continues with his attack on Congress saying the Grand Old Party only gave the country a tainted government. "Only Modi has given the people of this country a government with a clean image."

He also attacked Congress saying they only believed on vote bank politics. "But BJP rose about divisive politics and formed the government that believes in 'sabka saath, sabka vikaas'. "

12:20 pm: Rakesh Singh Attacks Gandhi Family During Speech The No-Confidence Motion

Rakesh Singh says that the no-confidence motion against a government that was formed by such a landslide victory, moved by parties that have opposed each other, shows that the Congress cannot tolerate a government by a party ruled outside the 'family'

"In 48 years, Congress has only done politics of scams," he says.

"All these scams are like black marks on the country... It is saddening that because of these scams India has been embarrassed internationally," Singh says.

He also attacks Congress's 'Garibi Hatao' slogan.

12:15 pm: For US Democracy Doesn't Mean Smothering Other Parties, Says BJP's Rakesh Singh

BJP's Rakesh Singh speaks on the behalf of the government. He speaks of democracy and development.

"For us democracy doesn't mean only our government. Whichever government is voted to power by the public, they need to be allowed to work," he says.

"For us democracy doesn't mean smothering other parties," Singh says alluding to the Emergency declared by the Congress.

He says this no-confidence motion moved this time is different from the other times.

12:10 pm: We Are Only Demanding The Rights Of The People Of AP, Says Jayadev Galla

Concluding his speech, Jayadev Galla demands justice for the people of AP. He says, "The BJP has been delaying and colluding with the rival parties of Andhra Pradesh."

"We are not asking to turn the clock back, but do justice to Andhra Pradesh," he says. He quotes Sardar Vallabbhai Patel saying -- "It will be a folly to ignore realities".

11:51 am: TDP's Jayadev Galla Threatens Modi Govt With 'Shraap'

11:30 am: Shiv Sena MPs To Stay Absent From Lok Sabha Today

When asked if they will they will participate in the discussion on the no-confidence motion they told ANI:

11:20 am: Modi Has Betrayed The People Of Andhra Pradesh, Says TDP MP Jayadev Galla

TDP MP Jayadev Galla, TDP begins debate in Parliament. He says the Modi government has betrayed the people of Andhra Pradesh by ignoring the people in the state.

He says when AP was divided, it was done in an undemocratic way, amid loud objection.

11:10 am: BJD Walks Out Of Parliament

11:09 am: Lok Sabha Proceedings Begin

10:30 am: Rajnath Singh, Rakesh Singh Among Others To Speak In Lok Sabha For The Government

As the government gears up to make a case for itself in the Parliament today ahead of the no-confidence motion debate and voting, reports suggest that Rajnath Singh, Rakesh Singh, Virendra Singh Mast and Arjun Ram Meghwal will speak today.

9:30 am: Important Day For Parliamentary Democracy, Says PM Modi Ahead Of Voting In Parliament

The vote for the no-confidence motion against the Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the Centre will play out in Parliament today.

The session that will begin at 11 am will likely see speeches from the prime minister himself and Opposition leader and Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Early in the morning, Modi took to Twitter to express confidence calling it an important day for democracy:

Speaker Sumitra Mahajan had accepted the opposition motion on Wednesday, at the beginning of the monsoon session of Parliament.

The BJP has said that it will win the trust vote, but all eyes will be on the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu and the Biju Janata Dal in Odisha, to see how they vote.

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The government and the opposition parties will both be given a chance to speak. The Opposition is likely to take on the government over lynchings, polarisation in the country and unfulfilled poll promises.

NDTV reported that BJP has been allotted a time slot of 3 hours and 33 minutes to speak in the House. Meanwhile the Telegu Desam Party, that moved the motion, has been given 13 minutes.

The NDTV report said that AIADMK has been allotted 29 minutes and the Trinamool Congress 15 minutes.