Gingham Is The Old-Fashioned Trend Everyone's Wearing For Summer

From “The Wizard of Oz” to Instagram, the checked pattern is here to stay.

When you think of gingham, an image of Dorothy’s iconic blue-and-white pinafore dress from “The Wizard of Oz” probably comes to mind. The checked fabric actually has a pretty rich history and now it’s back again.

Gingham fabric has been used for centuries all over the world. The actual word “gingham” was introduced into the English language back in the 17th century, according to Another Mag, to describe a striped fabric imported from India. But over time, the more familiar checked pattern took over.

Judy Garland as Dorothy in
Judy Garland as Dorothy in

Through the years, gingham has been employed for everything from furnishings and home decor ― you’ve definitely seen a gingham tablecloth at least once in your life ― to, of course, clothing.

Fashion-wise, the fabric really took off after audiences saw Judy Garland wearing her Adrian-designed frock in the classic 1939 film and kept gaining popularity during World War II, according to Town & Country. Gingham was also prominently worn during the 1960s youthquake and draped “it” girls like Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot, who sported a pink gingham dress for her wedding to actor Jacques Charrier.

This summer, gingham is having another moment. It’s appearing everywhere ― on runways, red carpets and Instagram.

Check out some ways to wear it (and where to get it for yourself) below: