06/06/2018 2:56 AM IST | Updated 12/11/2018 9:07 PM IST

40 Downright Brilliant Gifts Perfect For Lifelong BFFs

She’s the Thelma to your Louise, the gin to your tonic and the yin to your yang.

If you’re looking for a reason to celebrate your patriarchy-smashing BFF, you’re in luck. National Best Friends Day is June 8, which means it’s the perfect time to thank her for being your brunch companion, workout partner and unpaid therapist. 


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In honor of National Best Friend Day, here are 40 perfect gifts destined for your one and only BFF:

  • 1"We Should Have Our Own Show" Card
    Etsy // SadShop
    $5, get it here
  • 2"I Am Very Busy" Mini Notebook
    $12, get it here
  • 3"Success Story" T-Shirt
    $38, get it here
  • 4"Overthinker" Fringe Banner
    Etsy // FunCult
    $44, get it here
  • 5Underwater Camera
    Underwater Camera
    $20, get it here
  • 6"Thanks For Being My Unpaid Therapist" Card
    Etsy // CheekyZebraCardShop
    $4, get it here
  • 7"Strong Female Lead" T-Shirt
    Etsy // ElloElloStore
    $20+, get it here
  • 8Custom Face Magnets
    Custom Face Magnets
    Etsy // KitAtlas
    $18+, get it here
  • 9I Dew Care Sugar Kitten Hydrating Holographic Peel-Off Mask
    I Dew Care Sugar Kitten Hydrating Holographic Peel-Off Mask
    Urban Outfitters
    $23, get it here
  • 10Feminist With A To-Do List
    Feminist With A To-Do List
    Etsy // wordforwordfactory
    $24, get it here
  • 11Thelma and Louise BFF Pins
    Thelma and Louise BFF Pins
    Etsy // MadeAuGold
    $15, get them here
  • 12Saint Amy and Saint Tina Prayer Candle Set
    Saint Amy and Saint Tina Prayer Candle Set
    Etsy // BlasphemeBout
    $15, get it here
  • 13"Nothing Illegal In Here" Pouch
    Etsy // PamelaBarskyShop
    $16.50, get it here
  • 14"Mouthy Feminist" Bracelet
    Etsy // CynicalRedhead
    $18, get it here
  • 15Farm-Fresh Bouquets
    Farm-Fresh Bouquets
    Starting at $36, get it here
  • 16"Squad Goals" Card
    Etsy // nocturnalpaper
    $4, get it here
  • 17Missing You Long Distance Gift Box
    Missing You Long Distance Gift Box
    Etsy // PeaceOrganics
    $50, get it here
  • 18Custom Stamped Ring
    Custom Stamped Ring
    $34, get it here
  • 19"Thanks For Being My Work BFF" Card
    Etsy // KnottyCards
    $4.50, get it here
  • 20Embroidered Baseball Cap
    Embroidered Baseball Cap
    Etsy // WildflowerandCompany
    $20, get it here
  • 21"I Hate Everyone But Us" Card
    Etsy // FadedGardenias
    $4, get it here
  • 22Living Single Art Print Poster
    Living Single Art Print Poster
    Etsy // GNODpop
    $14+, get it here
  • 23Motivational Water Bottle
    Motivational Water Bottle
    Uncommon Goods
    $20, get it here
  • 24Lounge Pajama Set
    Lounge Pajama Set
    $20, get it here
  • 25"I Was Told There'd Be Wine" Gym Bag
    $35, get it here
  • 268-In-1 Stainless Steel Manicure/Pedicure Kit
    8-In-1 Stainless Steel Manicure/Pedicure Kit
    $8, get it here
  • 27Homesick Candle
    Homesick Candle
    Uncommon Goods
    $30, get it here
  • 28"Out Of Office" T-Shirt
    $38, get it here
  • 29Anywhere Travel Guide
    Anywhere Travel Guide
    Uncommon Goods
    $13, get it here
  • 30"No Bad Days" Beach Towel
    $68, get it here
  • 31Birth Month Flower Necklace
    Birth Month Flower Necklace
    Uncommon Goods
    $48, get it here
  • 32"Wish You Were Here" Eye Mask
    $18, get it here
  • 33Ghost Friends Card
    Ghost Friends Card
    Etsy // OrigiartDesigns
    $4+, get it here
  • 34Rose Gold Scalloped Heart Sunglasses
    Rose Gold Scalloped Heart Sunglasses
    $15, get it here
  • 35"You're My Favorite Bitch To Bitch About Bitches With" Card
    Etsy // SimplySaidPaperCo
    $4.50, get it here
  • 36Broad City Minimalist TV Poster
    Broad City Minimalist TV Poster
    Etsy // TheFilmArtist
    $11+, get it here
  • 37Travel Passport Wallet
    Travel Passport Wallet
    $15, get it here
  • 38"You're The Rachel To My Monica" Mug
    Etsy // TheGiftableGoodies
    $14+, get it here
  • 39Luxie Rose Gold Complete Fash Brush Set
    Luxie Rose Gold Complete Fash Brush Set
    $65, get it here
  • 40External Battery Charger Power Bank
    External Battery Charger Power Bank
    $11.50, get it here