01/06/2018 11:25 AM IST | Updated 01/06/2018 11:25 AM IST

It Was Only A Trial Run, Says Patanjali After Kimbho App Was Withdrawn From Google Play

Experts had said its security was a joke.


Patanjali's Kimbho App was taken down from Google Play store within 24 hours of its launch, without an explanation, even as experts questioned the security on the app. Now, a day later, Patanjali has clarified and claimed that the app was put on Google play only for a trial run.

Spokesperson for Patanjali, SK Tijarawala took to Twitter and said that technical work on the app was in progress and it will be launched soon:

Tijarawal also alleged that there were many duplicate versions of the app that were available on the market.

In a statement, the official Twitter handle of the app said it was because of extremely high traffic on they app they were upgrading their servers.

Kimbho was launched on Wednesday and Patanjali said it was going to give WhatsApp tough competition. The Twitter account of the app also called for a complete boycott of WhatsApp and replace it with the "swadeshi version".

Huffpost India had reported on Thursday that the app that had the potential to be downloaded by millions already had major security lapses.

French security researcher Elliot Alderson said that it was possible to collect user information from the app by breaking into people's messages.

The Kimbho app asked for many permissions to be able to function fully. It needed access to the user's identity, contacts, location, text messages, phone calls, photos and files on your phone. It also, of course, needed access to the camera and microphone as well.