The Top 10 Most Popular Foods On Instagram In May 2018

It’s only natural to balance out all those salads with Cheetos-flavored ice cream.

Things just got weird.

Everymonth, we round up the 10 most-liked recipes from the HuffPost Taste Instagram account, and each batch of results tells us which foods the internet has been craving during that time period.

From the looks of all the salads on our top 10 list this May, one would assume health is a priority for our followers. But alas, there’s also a chocolate cake on the list (as per usual), and the top spot is awarded to a food that totally destroys the notion of healthy eating: Cheetos-flavored ice cream.

We don’t have a recipe to share, because this “Cheat-ohs” ice cream is sold by the geniuses at Big Gay Ice Cream in New York. But this cone rightfully earned a spot at the top of the list despite not having a recipe, so we’re leaving it there.

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