33 Of The Best Chicken And Rice Recipes To Make For Dinner

It’s a classic that could probably use a remix in your repertoire.

It’s a proven fact that looking at food will make you hungry, and that’s why we’re craving chicken and rice for dinner this week.

When you see an image of delicious-looking food, your stomach releases a hormone called ghrelin into your bloodstream, stimulating your appetite. You haven’t been imagining it, and it’s not just psychological: It’s a very real physical phenomenon.

If you want to test this for yourself, watch this video about Israeli chicken pilaf from Frankie Celenza, whose virtues we’ve praised before here at HuffPost:

Now you’re hungry for chicken and rice, right?

It’s only natural that you’d want to make every possible version, so we’ve got 33 recipes below that cover all the bases, from creamy casseroles to fiesta skillets and, of course, plenty of options for your slow cooker and Instant Pot.