13/05/2018 11:46 AM IST | Updated 13/05/2018 8:03 PM IST

'Handmaid's Tale' Meets 'Sex And The City' In Funny, Terrifying 'SNL' Spoof

“Oh my God, this so could be me and my friends. You know, with the way things are going.”

If you can’t laugh, you’ll cry. That seemed to be the eerie message of a scary mashup on “Saturday Night Live” of “Sex and the City” and the terrifying dystopian world of “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

In the skit “Handmaids in the City,” Amy Schumer has an interior monologue à la Carrie Bradshaw and laughs — uproariously — a lot, even when the situation is horrifying. She and her pals are light years from Carrie’s independent life in a dark, anti-feminist future where they’re forced to dress in the white bonnets and red robes of the enslaved remaining fertile women.

Kate McKinnon appears as a handmaid missing an eye for punishment (like Janine in the actual “Handmaid’s Tale”) and has a giggle over the community’s ”under his eye” greeting. 

When Cecily Strong tells Aidy Bryant, laughingly, that she’s “bad,” for a naughty joke, Schumer smiles and says, “Yeah but not too bad or ... aaaack,” as she twists her head and neck back in a hanging pose. 

“It’s a show critics are calling ‘so brutal’ and ‘more uplifting than the news,’” the voiceover says in a spoof promo.

The promo continues: “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll say, ‘Oh my God, this so could be me and my friends. You know, with the way things are going.’”

Check out the video up top.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the TV series as “Sex in the City.” Its correct title is “Sex and the City.”