08/05/2018 5:58 PM IST

Kim Jong Un Secretly Met With Xi Jinping Again

President Trump is set to meet with Kim sometime in the next few weeks.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with Chinese President Xi Jinping for the second time this week in the Chinese city of Dalian, Chinese media reports.

They held talks about Chinese-North Korean relations, according to CNN’s Will Ripley. The discussions likely centered around the diplomatic push to keep North Korea free of nuclear weapons.

According to North Korean state media, Kim said he is “very pleased” with how the relationship between North Korea and China is progressing, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Regional powers and the United States are seeking to prevent North Korea from obtaining nuclear weapons. Kim held a historic meeting last month with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, and Xi and Kim first met secretly in March.

U.S. President Donald Trump, who is set to meet with Kim sometime in the coming weeks, tweeted Tuesday that he plans to catch up with Xi. “Relationships and trust are building” with North Korea, he said.