23/04/2018 9:30 PM IST

Couple's Comics About Married Life Are Dark And Super Relatable

Life is never boring when you’re in love with someone whose imagination is just as wild as yours.

Just ask Mac Håndlykken and Andreas Håndlykken. The Oslo, Norway-based couple have been together since 2012 ― they married last year ― and are co-creators of a surrealist comic series inspired by their real lives. 

“Sometimes the strips are accurate retellings of things we’ve experienced, but most of the time we’ll take a situation that makes us laugh and turn it to 11, to better serve as a joke,” Mac told HuffPost. 

Take, for instance, this deathly middle-of-the-night smartphone scene:

Or this comic, exploring the highs and mostly lows of exercising as a team (click through to see the full panel): 

The work is a collaborative effort, with both spouses writing the copy for the darkly funny series. As for the art, Mac does the line drawings, while Andreas does the coloring.

The couple spend a lot of time working side by side, but rarely get on each other’s nerves, much to the dismay of their friends.

“We’ve been called obnoxious for being so affectionate all the time, always agreeing on things and never really fighting,” Andreas said. “We’re married and best friends.” 

Scroll down to see more comics by the couple, and check out more of their work on Facebook.