20/04/2018 4:37 AM IST

Here's A Great Way To Talk To Kids About Bodies And Gender

The latest installment of “Queer Kid Stuff” tackles a tricky but important subject.

The latest episode of the educational YouTube series “Queer Kid Stuff” takes a look at a subject many parents have difficulty discussing with their children: the relationship between bodies and gender. 

In the clip above, host Lindsay Amer uses toys ― in this case, superheroes and Barbie dolls ― to break down the concept of bodies and gender for her young viewers. While those toys are frequently associated with a specific gender, that doesn’t make each one a “girls’ toy” or a “boys’ toy,” she explains. 

All of that goes to show, Amer says, that a person’s body doesn’t define their gender, and vice versa. 

“A person’s body belongs to that person, and doesn’t have anything to do with what people think it should be,” she explains. “Our bodies are own private business, and there are so many different ways that bodies can look that don’t always match what people think about gender and bodies.”  

Queer Kid Stuff” breaks down LGBTQ themes, experiences and ideas in ways that are accessible and fun for children. Previous installments have explored coming out, gender expression and safety in schools

Check out Amer’s latest video above, and head here for past episodes of “Queer Kid Stuff.”