13/04/2018 8:46 PM IST | Updated 13/04/2018 11:14 PM IST

Man Jailed For Assaulting Girlfriend Now Has To Tell Police When He Has Sex With Someone New

Met Police
Dean Purcell will have to give police contact details for any woman he has sexual activity with on three occasions 

A man who threatened to kill his girlfriend with a knife will now have to tell police when he sleeps with another woman in a bid to protect his future partners. 

For the next seven years, 35-year-old Dean Purcell from Hackney, London must give officers contact details for any woman he has sex with three times.

The order comes after Purcell was sentenced to 12 months behind bars in March after pleading guilty to actual bodily harm and two counts of battery.

According to police, Purcell’s former girlfriend - who is in her 30s - was forced to escape out of the bathroom window of their flat in November 2017 after he threatened to kill them both with a knife he was wielding. 

Officers said he had also pulled the victim’s hair and bitten her ear in an argument. He later pounced on her and covered her mouth and nose with his hands after accusing her of having sex with other men. 

Police believe it is only the fourth time such a restriction - known as a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) - has been handed out in a domestic violence case in England and Wales. 

Detective Sergeant Ian Cleghorn said the order will help police to stop Purcell victimising other women in the future. 

“Purcell’s victim was subjected to a horrendous ordeal by him,” Cleghorn said. 

“She has shown incredible bravery, not only by having the courage to escape him, but also in supporting the investigation. 

“I hope this outcome encourages other victims of domestic abuse to have the courage to come forward and talk to us. It demonstrates that the Met takes domestic abuse very seriously.”