11/04/2018 8:10 PM IST | Updated 23/05/2018 11:52 AM IST

Chivas Studio Unveils The Power Of Shared Success In Its Latest TV Campaign

New TVC under ‘Win the Right Way’ campaign celebrates the spirit of collaborative partnerships

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." --Michael Jordan

What are the ingredients of a winning Team - A big budget? A fancy workplace? Big incentives? A talented workforce from the best of Business Schools with Passion to succeed? Clearly defined goals?

In this new age when teams have become far more diverse, dynamic, digital, project driven and facing increasingly complicated set of challenges, the recipe of success still relies on the core fundamental of group collaboration a.k.a - Teamwork, putting 'We' before 'I' and moving in cohesion towards common objectives

From Sports to Academia to Corporate world, the rules of game remain the same.

Chivas Studio – the luxurious brand synonymous with tradition, innovation, and elegance, recently launched its new cutting- edge ad campaign highlighting that success tastes best when shared.

Themed as 'WIN THE RIGHT WAY', the campaign hinges on defying the stereotypes of celebrating just personal milestones and instead applauds team effort and collective winning

The world as we know today is highly competitive and celebrates winning which is both empowering and motivating. However when winning becomes the sole purpose, it sometimes blinds the best of people from enjoying the journey of working together.

In such scenario, it's refreshing to see such global brands, stepping up and inspiring the young leaders of today with a better outlook to achieve and enjoy success.

The inspiring new TVC features young and driven people moving about their work day, with great enthusiasm and energy, enjoying the interaction with fellow team members and helping each other out through the course of day. Towards the end we see the team exclaiming together with joy on their achievement.

The campaign urges gen-next to achieve success whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others. It opens, strongly reiterating the importance of team effort saying 'Wins that stand out, dont have a place for I, me and mine' and throughout echoes the message 'to enrich is worth more than being rich'.