Artist Turns Life With Girlfriend And Toddler Into Adorable Comic Series

Illustrator Pete Duffield’s comics about being in love and living together are raw, relatable and totally adorable.

For more than six years, the Brighton, England-based artist has drawn illustrations about life with his girlfriend, Kellie Gage. Three years ago, the couple welcomed their daughter, Poppy, into the world, and now she’s a regular in the comics, too:

Duffield doesn’t shy away from showing the messy, slightly gross moments of living together ― and that candor has garnered him quite a following.

“I think people appreciate the honesty in my work,” he said. “We don’t try to portray ourselves as perfect ― plenty of my illustrations focus on life’s struggles, or the weird things we say or do in our relationship.”

“I try to capture the little things that make life worth living, too, those fleeting moments that we can take for granted,” he added.

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