22/02/2018 7:14 PM IST

Land Rover Has Built The 'Toughest Phone In The World'

It has a two-day battery life as standard.

Land Rover

The iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S8 are not designed for the great outdoors. That’s not a criticism, it’s just a statement of fact.

Sure you can whack a huge great case onto it, but for the lumberjacks and hiking enthusiasts among us, this just won’t cut the mustard.

Fear not then people of the great outdoors, for Land Rover has come to your aid with what it’s calling the “toughest phone in the world.”

Called the Explore, it is a small, almost indestructible Android smartphone that has been designed to survive the elements as well as....well a Land Rover.

Land Rover

Styled after Land Rover’s own Discovery, the Explore is fully-waterproof, drop-proof, heat and cold-resistant and could probably survive a bear attack far better than Leonardo DiCaprio.

With full credit to both Land Rover and Bullitt (the British smartphone manufacturer that actually built it), the Explore also includes some genuinely useful features for hikers and explorers.

Land Rover

It has a two-day battery life as standard, and can be fitted with an attachable pack that gives it an extra days battery life and comes with a professional-grade GPS antenna and mapping software.

Land Rover

It can be used even when you’re wearing thick gloves and includes some essential emergency features including a compass and an SOS light. Finally the phone is completely compatible with all of Land Rover’s smart apps so if you happen to own one of its cars you’ll also be able to use it as a remote control.

The Explore isn’t cheap though, costing £599 for the phone and Adventure pack (Battery + GPS) together and will be available on the 26 April.