14/02/2018 4:16 PM IST

The Epic Evolution Of Men's Figure Skating Costumes Through The Years

There’s no sport in the Winter Olympics quite like figure skating. It has everything: grace, style, strength and, of course, flashy costumes.  

Most of the attention is usually on the women’s costumes, which are undoubtedly beautiful and often covered in enough sparkle to light up a whole rink. But the men’s costumes have long been equally as dramatic ― just look at Johnny Weir.

Interestingly, the International Skating Rulebook states that figure skating costumes “must be modest, dignified and appropriate for athletic competition ― not garish or theatrical in design,” according to ESPN. Of course, what one might consider garish or theatrical, another may deem beautiful, which makes the rule pretty hard to break. So, over the years, skaters from all over the world have continued to compete in flashy designs, whether they be brightly colored leotards or animal print tops. 

Earlier this week, we got to see some of Team USA’s men and women dazzle on the ice (and win bronze) at the team skating event, and this weekend the men will compete in the short program and free skate events.

Before we get to cheer them on from our living rooms (or from South Korea, for those lucky enough to attend), let’s take a look back at some of the best, boldest and most memorable men’s Olympic skating costumes through the years.