12/02/2018 10:08 AM IST | Updated 21/02/2018 10:21 AM IST

The Amazing Story Of The Birth Of A Baby Girl Amidst A Terror Attack In Kashmir

Life finds a way.


As armed militants stormed a residential complex in Jammu's Sunjuwan at 430 AM on Saturday, rifleman Naik Nazir Ahmad, 28, and his wife Shahzada, 24, locked themselves inside their house amidst a shower of bullets. Shahzada, who was 28 weeks pregnant, tried to make a dash for it but was shot in the hip and was bleeding profusely when, according to the Telegraph, Ahmad made an SOS call to the army asking for help.

Army personnel rushed to the camp site that housed about 150 families to flush out the suspected militants of the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad group and evacuate families trapped inside safely.

She was among the six people injured in the attack. The father of a soldier died in the attack. Army personnel, who found her in a pool of blood, evacuated her and rushed her to the Satwari military hospital, about 10 kms away, where a team of doctors immediately set to work to save the lives of Shahzada and her unborn child.

On Sunday, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl through Cesarean delivery. Both mother and daughter are stable.

It was a monumental task for army doctors at Satwari and reports said they worked all night.

"This wasn't a routine case. As a gynaecologist, it is always our motto that mother should come alone and go with a healthy baby in her lap. It's a very joyful moment for my hospital & our team. Patient is really happy," a gynecologist at the hospital told news agency ANI.

"The army doctors worked all night to save the life of the severely injured pregnant woman with gunshots wounds and helped her deliver a baby girl, following a caesarean section operation," army PRO, Lt Col Devender Anand, told PTI news agency.

"The doctors had a complicated case on their hands. The lady was hit with a bullet on her hip and was critical. At the same time, the pulse of the child was going down. The doctors had to cure the gunshot wounds and at the same time save the child. With time fast running out, they performed a Caesarean section," Anand added.

A 14-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to the head is fighting for his life.

In all, nine people, including three militants, were killed in the terror attack on the Sunjuwan camp.