31/01/2018 1:09 PM IST | Updated 31/01/2018 1:10 PM IST

Nirbhaya Incident Could Have Been Avoided Had She Stayed Home: Chhattisgarh Kendriya Vidyalaya Teacher's Sermon To Students

* Cringe *


In a series of horrific sexist comments, a teacher of the Raipur Kendriya Vidyalaya has said that Nirbhaya would have save herself had she stayed at home.

"Girls expose their body only when they don't have beautiful faces. Girls have become so shameless, why did Nirbhaya go out so late at night with a boy who wasn't her husband? It's difficult to understand why an issue was made of this. Such incidents happen with girls in remote areas frequently. Nirbhaya's mother shouldn't have allowed her go out so late at night," The Times of India had quoted Snehlata Shankhwar as saying.

She was talking about the incident where, Jyoti Singh, was brutally gangraped and disemboweled on a moving bus in New Delhi in December 2012. The incident had rocked the nation, with massive protests in Delhi and other parts of the country demanding safety for women.

There was a severe backlash from parents after Shankwar's comments who met the principal of the school and filed a complaint against the teacher.

Shankhwar had also made horrid comments in the classroom about girls wearing jeans and lipstick.

ANI quoted her as saying, "I instruct girls according to KV code of conduct. Parents should ensure that their children should at least wear the school uniform properly. I have objected and pointed out at girl students for wearing lipstick at times."

Shankhwar's class is co-ed and girls in the class had complained that they felt uncomfortable when she sermonised about women wearing skimpy clothes.

The Times of India reported that while the matter has been taken to the officials of the KV Sangathan, the parents have warned that if no action is taken they will approach the education minister, collector and police.