Here's A Brilliant Way To Explain Gender Roles And Stereotypes To Kids

The latest installment of “Queer Kid Stuff,” a YouTube resource for parents and the LGBTQ community, lays out a way for parents to talk to their kids about how gender roles and stereotypes shape human experience.

Twice a month, “Queer Kid Stuff” breaks down queer themes, words and ideas in a manner that’s educational and fun for kids. In this week’s episode, creator and star Lindsay Amer enlists the help of her sidekick Teddy to empower children to challenge the traditional gender roles that have shaped societies throughout history.

“I wanted to draw attention to the realities of the world versus the gender spectrum we’ve been modeling and talking about on the show,” Amer told HuffPost. “It’s really important to be honest and straightforward about this with kids so they aren’t confused and feel empowered to bend and break whatever gender rules they don’t feel apply to them.”

Check out the episode above and head over to “Queer Kid Stuff” to see more.