Dave Grohl Of Foo Fighters Brilliantly Sends Off Stage Crasher

Dave Grohl handled a stage crasher like a rock star.

A fan at the Foo Fighters concert in Perth, Australia, Saturday jaunted up to the stage on a long runway and hugged the frontman while the band performed “Everlong.” Security converged, but Grohl turned him into part the act, Billboard reported.

He asked the interloper’s name, got it wrong, and then told him, “Sorry, Jevon with a J. Get the f**k off my stage.”

But Grohl wasn’t finished. He dedicated the rest of the song to “Jevon with a J.”

Grohl has asked fans up onstage before, but he sure seems to know how to handle the uninvited, too.

The encounter begins around the 4:10 mark above.