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The Morning Wrap: Narendra Modi's Dig At Stalwarts; Rahul Gandhi's Twitter Manager

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted on Sunday that India could not lag behind in the "digital currency era", as he took a dig at "stalwarts" who had mocked his government's push for digital transactions.

Actress Vidya Balan went on a TV panel discussion, a short clip of which was shared by the channel on Saturday, and discussed the issue of sexual harassment. But her comment sparked off a controversy.

By removing Shyam Rangeela's comedy segment parodying PM Narendra Modi, Star Plus has dented by confidence of the media by its self-censorship, argues Sandip Roy.

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From Aadhaar to "love jihad" in Kerala, a string of high-profile cases engaging the nation are up for hearing in the Supreme Court on Monday, making it a day of significant judicial importance.

About 10,000 people migrate to the Gulf states every year from Telangana, India. Nearly 450 Indian migrant workers shipped home in body bags since 2014. A Reuters investigation uncovers a sordid reality.

Faced with the Opposition's criticism of demonetisation and GST, Prime Minister Narendra Modi struck a defiant note saying he was prepared to pay any price but won't take his foot off the reforms pedal.

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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi took a dig at critics questioning the sudden surge in his popularity on Twitter with a sarcastic tweet "confessing" that his dog was behind the posts. He also put out a video of the pet.

The judge presiding over the case of the lynching of 15-year-old Junaid Khan on a train in Faridabad has accused the senior law officer involved in it to be helping the accused by suggesting questions in court.

In an interview with The Hindu, Ashwani Lohani, formerly Air India Chairman and Managing Director, spoke about his plan to revamp the railways after recently taking over as the Chairman of the Railway Board.


According to information provided to the Centre by 41 of the 51 Union ministries and 22 of over 300 public sector enterprises, the government owns at least 13,505 square km, with the number expected to rise as more data comes in. Read the analysis by the Hindustan Times.

Ahead of the assembly elections, Shiv Visvanathan observes the little dramas in Gujarat sensing "a different rhythm, a sense of anticipation, a need for difference". Read his column in The Hindu.

In The Indian Express, Salil Tripathi and Fabrice Houdart, write about the role private sector can play to take the lead in including LGBTI people in the workforce.

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