22/09/2017 5:10 PM IST | Updated 22/09/2017 5:10 PM IST

7 Signs That You Have A 'Different' Perspective On Movies

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Have you ever found yourself emerging from a life-changing movie, barely able to breathe with excitement, and then realising that for your friends, it was 'just another film'? Have you ever had debates with people who thought Avatar was about a war on a remote planet over natural resources (when it was obviously about the irony of one human being fighting his own kind to remind them of the humanity that their greed for wealth had blinded them to)?

If your answer to the above questions is an unequivocal, "Yes!", you, my friend, are blessed with a unique perspective on movies that not everyone has. Here are seven common situations that you will identify with.

You often catch the subtext that other people miss

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You realise that the genius of a movie often lies in its ability to make sense on multiple levels. You believe that what is conveyed through symbolism and subtext, is more important than what's conveyed through dialogue and action. This allows you to see subtle messages and insights that many others miss while watching movies.

It's all about the content, for you

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People watch movies for different reasons. Your reason is the joy you get from watching great content unfold on screen. While you do relish all kinds of films, you get a real kick out of movies that deal with interesting subjects and which narrate beautiful stories with sensitivity and skill. This means that whenever there's a discussion about the nuances of content, you can speak at length, and with impressive authority.

People often ask you to interpret and recommend movies

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Friends call you up after watching movies like Inception, Interstellar or Shutter Island, to ask you the true meaning of the film. This is because you've got an ability to derive deep insights and are able to explain them in a way that makes the other slap their forehead and exclaim "Of course!". You are also in demand when the people around are planning to watch a movie, and want to know what YOU recommend, because your choice, more often than not, turns out to be a winner!

Your calendar is filled with details of film festivals around the world

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While most people plan their holiday calendar around festivals, weddings and family obligations, you schedule yours around the most world-renowned film festivals of the year. You keep a close watch on the finest upcoming movies and the festivals where they are being screened, and are always making plans for attending them.

You always have at least one tab open, researching critically-acclaimed movies to watch

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It's not easy being you. While the rest of the world only needs to reach for the remote or pick from the movies playing in theatres, you do intensive research on critically acclaimed movies such as Moonlight or Pele, which opened to much praise globally. Taking the decision to watch a movie is a big one for you, hence you like to take your time and do your research!

You know a lot of trivia about the movies you like


You are deeply invested you are in the movies you watch. After watching Jackie, you spent hours reading about the former US First Lady and the assassination of her husband, President John F Kennedy. Seeing Lion drove you to do intense research about Saroo Brierly, whose real-life story inspired the film. You also analyse all the different (potential) meanings and perspectives the film is trying to put across, because understanding the film, in and out, is really, really important to you.

Genre or language don't matter to you

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You believe that there is beauty inside each and every work of art. It just needs the right lens to be seen. Therefore, you don't restrict yourself to a particular genre or language. Whether it's horror, drama, comedy or action, you explore everything out there in your own unique way, and finding little gems of wisdom and meaning in unexpected places gives you a real feeling of pleasure.

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