21/09/2017 8:17 AM IST | Updated 21/09/2017 8:42 PM IST

Preet Bharara, US Attorney Fired By Trump, Joins CNN As Contributor

CNN added two new contributors on Wednesday, providing viewers with a new team of legal minds with insider views into President Donald Trump’s administration. 

Politico’s Michael Calderone reported Preet Bharara, former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York whom Trump fired in March, joined the cable news network as a senior legal analyst.

The network also signed a deal with Walter M. Shaub Jr., the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, who resigned in July. Shaub, who battled the Trump administration for months, told CBS News that there’s “an appearance” that Trump’s businesses are profiting from him occupying the presidency.

“And appearance matters as much as reality,” he added.

According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, Bharara’s first appearance on the network will be on Sunday’s “State of the Union.” 

The former federal prosector, who has been a vocal opponent of the president, said he was fired in March the day after he refused to return a phone call from Trump.

“It’s a very weird and peculiar thing for a one-on-one conversation without the attorney general, without warning, between the president and me, or any United States attorney who has been asked to investigate various things,” Bharara said on ABC’s “This Week,” adding that he believed the direct communication was a breach of protocol. 

At the time of Bharara’s firing, ProPublica reported the Southern District was investigating Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price. The secretary was harshly criticized on Monday after Politico reported he took five private flights for domestic work trips just last week.