20/09/2017 12:10 PM IST | Updated 20/09/2017 3:39 PM IST

Drunk Men Take Away Car Keys, Ask Bengali Actress Kanchana Moitra To Do 40 Squats

No one came to help her.

Kanchana Moitra. From Facebook page.

A Kolkata actress was accosted by drunken goons while she was returning from work, late in the night. Kanchana Moitra alleged that she asked her driver to stop the car when something hit the car from outside. They were at Behala, in the fringes of south Kolkata.

The Telegraph reports that when Moitra and her driver rolled the windows of her car down to see what hit it, two drunken men arrived at their window and insisted they step out. An argument ensued with one of the men accusing the duo of trying to run them over. Meanwhile, one of them reached inside the car and yanked the keys out.

The report adds that this forced Moitra and her driver to step out. The men, Moitra alleges, were unrelenting. They insisted that Moitra do 40 sit-ups holding her ears. They also asked her and the driver to slap each other ten times.

"I was returning from a shoot.... I'm otherwise a brave woman but I was scared after the car key was taken away. I got off the car with my driver and pleaded before them with folded hands. We requested them to forgive us if there was any mistake by my driver," Moitra told The Telegraph.

However, after 20 minutes of this ordeal, Moitra spotted a police patrol passing by and ran to it for help. Two men were arrested and charged under several sections of the IPC.

What shocked Moitra more was several people passed them when the altercation was on and nobody came forward to help.

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