19/09/2017 4:56 PM IST | Updated 19/09/2017 6:29 PM IST

A 65-Year-Old Woman In Tamil Nadu Allegedly Hacked Her Son To Death To Stop Him From Raping His Daughter


Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
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A 65-year-old woman in Tamil Nadu landed in jail after she hacked her own son to death with a sickle to prevent her grand-daughter from being sexually assaulted by him. According to Newminute, 47-year-old Veerasamy used to often return home drunk and try to sexually abuse his 19-year-old daughter. The only other person in the house was Veerasamy's mother. When he returned sloshed a few weeks back, he proceeded to hit his daughter as usual and attempted to assault her. His mother, as always, came to the girl's rescue. However, this time, he shoved her aside violently and proceeded to keep molesting the daughter. According to Newsminute, the woman, seeing no other recourse, picked up a sickle and hit him multiple times. He died soon after.

If you trawl the web, you'll notice that almost every other month, there's some news related to a father raping his daughter being reported. The scourge is not limited to India, it's spread across the world. In 2016, a 35-year-old man was arrested in Hyderabad for raping his teenage daughter thrice and the abuse came to light only when the girl got pregnant. In 2013, a horrific case of prolonged abuse came to light when a 26-year-old Mumbai woman revealed that her father has been raping her for 11 years and also fathered her son who was eight years old at that time. In May this year, it was reported that a 40-something man had been raping his 13-year-old daughter for a year.

As atrocious as it may sound, women getting raped by their own father is not something unheard of, or even unusual in the history of sexual violence in India. Burdened with fear and shame, many girls and women refuse to report such crimes for years. At times, it is even reported that the survivors' mothers insisted that the abuse is never reported to avoid the social stigma that would follow.

Newsminute also reported that in a similar case earlier a woman was saved the trouble to having to be tried for murder because the police officer attending her case invoked section 100 of the IPC. The section says that if a person has murdered another in self defence, he or she can't be tried for murder.

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